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"offer solutions... not advice."

Chris Heeb, The Debt Doctor

Let me ask you a crazy question...

What if you could position yourself
as a trusted advisor?

In today's uncertain financial landscape, clients are demanding that their financial experts provide more than just the status quo. In other words, advisors must standout and separate themselves from the "normal way of doing business..." As such, what are you providing to your current client base? Advice or solutions?


Many times, you provide a best case scenario or a game plan to assist with your clients investment decisions, but when the rubber hits the road, your client cannot fully invest in your ideal plan. 

Why? Simply stated, they do not have the funds. The money needed to adequately fund their retirement plan is hidden in their debt-service. Eliminate their debt service with our proven financial tool, and free-up the income to invest. It's that simple. See below... 

Listen to UFF Field Partner, Richard Schaffer, as he explains the importance of branding yourself as the trusted advisor to your clients. Then, let's chat about how easy it is to introduce our service to your clients.