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7 Keys to Living A Debt Free Life

Updated: May 19

Feel like your financial plans are a waste of time? Or you don’t see the value in living a debt free life? Learn the 7 Keys to Living A Debt Free Life in a simple, straightforward approach that takes into consideration the complete summation of the things that really matter in life.

Embrace the goal to reach the simple things in life - eating, drinking, and enjoying your daily duties - these are the basics for good living. That is all. The stretch for fame, for fortune, for acquiring things, they are an empty plate, an unsatisfying, over-priced meal.

Key #1- Make A Decision To Change

Even small decisions change our lives. Every day, we make decisions. Big, small, and seemingly insignificant decisions. ... At times, major decisions at different milestones of our life can change the way we live the rest of our lives.

The decision to make a financial change is the first step. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Once you have your mind set on changing your financial life for the better, nothing can get in your way.

Remember this... Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. They (should) determine you rpriorities, and, deep down, they're probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.

Key #2 - Have A Vision Before A Plan

Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Do you have a clear mental image of who you will be in the future? Your vision is a “picture” of what you aspire to – and what inspires you – in your life. Articulating your vision statement for your life is the first step in helping you eventually reach your lifetime financial goals. What kind of financial life do you want to build? Create? Live? You must see your vision or you will not make it past the tough days.

Key #3 - Write It Down And Have A Plan

Margaret Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister once said: “Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.”

There is a lot of truth to that statement, and in order for you to live a debt free life, you must take your vision of financial success, and write it down on paper. Here’s why... A plan is important because it's the foundation to help you project your vision objectives and achieve your ultimate goals. Armed with your vision, then creating a solid financial plan, helps you define the full scope of your objective but it also helps you stay focused, set goals, meet deadlines, measure success and debrief the entire project.

Key #4 - Be Consistent... All Of The Time

Consistency is the difference between failure and success. Here's why. Throughout my personal life and professional career, I've strived to stay consistent about consistency. Even the best plans will fail without a dedication to consistency. Now, don’t get me wrong, that is an ongoing battle each and every day. If I say I'm going to do something, I try to do it. If I say I'm going to be somewhere, I'm there on time... most of the time. If I initiate a new business process or initiative, I try as hard as I can to follow through. In my experience, consistency is a must as you continue to work towards your vision of financial freedom and stability. Establish your financial vision. Plan the action steps to achieve it. And, be consistent until you reach the pinnacle of your goals.

Key #5 - Have Faith

“Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation” once wrote D. Elton Trueblood, a noted 20th-century American Quaker author and theologian, former chaplain both to Harvard and Stanford Universities.

While much of hope lives in the mind, faith is steeped in the heart and the spirit. ... Faith, and your beliefs, then, are just as important as the air we breathe. While the oxygen in the air nourishes the body, faith nourishes the heart and the soul. It's the energy that courses through every single fiber and cell within our beings. If you are serious about envisioning financial success, then understand the road to your destiny will not be easy. It will take faith in your actions, commitments to succeed, responsibilities to follow, self- reflection to make changes if necessary, and sacrifices for the end goal – your financial success.

Key #6 - Have Fun With The Process

Boy, do I love to laugh! And, tell jokes and long-winded stories. Some call me a good storyteller. No matter what, I truly appreciate a good laugh, one that grabs you deep in your belly. How much fun have you had recently?

It seems that the older we get the less fun we have, and that’s just not fair. Not to sound like a brat, but why do we assume that we get too old to have fun? Why do we think that life is too serious, well scheduled and prioritized to have some fun? Personally, I think having fun makes life more enjoyable for you and the people you’re close to. Fun creates enthusiasm and energy.

It is imperative that once we envision our financial goals, write them down, and consistently work towards achieving them, that we take a deep breathe, understand the mission at hand, pray incessantly, and approach these challenges with fun as the cornerstone to your success.

Key #7 - Keep It Simple: Automate The Process

What if I could show you a proven tool that will help you eliminate all of your debt in record time without changing anything as it relates to your current financial situation? As long as you have as little as $100 of monthly discretionary income, would that interest you? If so, keep reading...

Have you ever heard of GPS? The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of at least 24 satellites. ... The U.S. Department of Defense (USDOD) originally put the satellites into orbit for military use, but they were made available for civilian use in the 1980s. Most automobiles in the United States have some type of GPS navigation system and all smart phones have this technology.

Quite simply, a navigation system gets you from Point A to Point B as quickly as humanly possible based upon the information you give the GPS. Right?

Give your GPS system the correct address, 99.99% of the time you will arrive at your destination... in the fastest time possible. Your GPS system is “leading you in the right direction” until you take a wrong turn... then it is following you to make sure you get back on the right pathway to your destination. Your GPS system is dynamic, not static. It is always evaluating, recalculating, and determining the best route to your destination. In essence, it is protecting you and always watching your back as you proceed forward. It is not static, but dynamic.

What if you could have a Financial GPS system as a tool to reaching your financial goals? An online, personal education and financial system, pulling all of your financial accounts into one central location, and using advanced financial strategies to create the most effective tailor-fitted strategy to help you achieve your goals of freedom from debt and building wealth?

Would that be of interest to you?

Here's what this Financial Method is:

  • This IS Proven to quickly eliminate debt.

  • This IS Proven to free up the funds needed for consumers to build wealth.

  • This IS Proven to work with or without good credit, AND may even improve your credit.

What this Financial Method IS NOT

  • This IS NOT a Bi-weekly Payment Program or Refinance.

  • This IS NOT an Increase to your current monthly budget.

  • This IS NOT a mortgage modification, alteration or any other change to your current mortgage.

Still interested? I thought so ;)

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