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Student Loan Debt Devastating

Updated: May 19

Did you know that thousands of Doctors of Chiropractic who went to Chiropractic College seeking a better future now face crushing debt from their student loans—while the loan industry makes a handsome profit?

Experience suggests that only about 5 percent of Doctors of Chiropractic have (or will have) real prosperity.

According to Chiropractic Economics “Most Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) have student loans at, or over, $200,000. This is why after years of generous service, few DCs end up wealthy.

Learn The Secrets to Bank Like A Bank and Save Thousands

Most, if not all, Chiropractors are not eligible for loan forgiveness options like other medical professionals, and don’t earn high enough incomes to pay back their debts in a timely manner? As a result, their debt accrues significant interest and the debt balance skyrockets out of control.

Until Now... Did you know that your student loan debt could be paid off completely with a proven, debt-elimination program that could easily erase that student loan debt in one-fourth the time it would take to pay if off traditionally?

Imagine if you could eliminate this debt and build wealth at the same time? For the past 15 years, we have developed a proven financial strategy that helps everyday professionals become debt free, from mortgages to their student loans. This may sound like a bold statement, but keep in mind that, for decades, the concepts taught in this program have been successfully implemented across Australia and the UK as a way to quickly eliminate debt and build wealth. With some exciting advancements, this concept works better for professionals in the US.

We have found that the people who benefit the most from this strategy are those who are tired of making interest payments on their debt and are looking for a better way. Basically, professionals who would love to see what it is like to be debt free and building wealth, for life.

How It Works Our program is an online, personal education and financial system. Our system pulls all of your financial accounts into one central location and uses advanced financial strategies to create the most effective, tailor-fitted strategy to help you achieve your goals of freedom from student loan debt.

What this financial method is:

• This IS Proven to quickly eliminate debt.

• This IS Proven to help professionals build wealth. • This IS Proven to work with or without good credit, AND improves your credit.

What this financial method is not:

  • This IS NOT a Bi- weekly payment program or refinance.

  • This IS NOT an increase to your minimum monthly payments.

  • This IS NOT a loan modification, alteration or any other changes to your current loans.

Many people have compared our program to a GPS device. A GPS calculates where you are on planet Earth and then plots out the fastest, most efficient route to your destination. If the GPS doesn't understand where you are, it can't give you instructions on how to get to your destination. Therefore, the instructions the GPS gives you must be specific to you; they must be personalized.

Now, let’s pretend that your GPS gives you instructions on how to get to your destination (Disneyland, we'll say), but instead of turning left like the GPS told you to, you turn right. What good would the GPS be if it just pretended that you had turned left and kept going with the same instructions?

It would be pretty worthless, right? In order to be effective, the GPS must also be dynamic, meaning it has to adjust to changes that might happen. It's also important that you are still in control of your vehicle. Although the GPS is giving you instructions, you are still the one driving. If you want to take a detour to see the world's biggest ball of string (which is in Valley View, Texas), you can do that, and the GPS will recalculate and give you new instructions on how to get to your ultimate destination.

Getting to Disneyland is similar to getting out of debt. If you want a debt elimination plan to help you get to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, it needs to be customized to your particular situation, and it must be dynamic.

There are plenty of debt elimination plans out there, but they aren't customized to your specific financial situation, and/or they don't adjust their plan when things change in real life. This is why you need our program. Our program calculates where you currently are based on your financial situation and uses that information to create a personalized set of instructions that shows you the fastest, most efficient way to get to your destination of zero debt.

That's pretty much what our program is doing. Only by having a personalized and dynamic plan can you save the most interest and time possible on your debts. And just like with a GPS, you are still in the driver's seat. Our system gives you instructions, but you still decide what you want to do with your money. Want to buy a new car? Our program will simply recalculate the plan with that new purchase. Want to go on vacation to Fiji? Simply tell our program how much money you'll need and when you'll need it, and it will recalculate the plan.

Proven. Not on trial... Does this sound to good to be true? Many would say yes, but with over 70,000+ clients, a 15+ year track record, A+ rating with the BBB, and a limited money- back-guarantee, how could you go wrong?

Moreover, in 2008, Ernst & Young awarded our revolutionary financial system with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the financial services category in the Utah region. Other recipients of the Ernst & Y oung Entrepreneur of the Year Award include Microsoft, Apple, EBay, Starbucks, and Franklin Covey, just to name a few, so we'd say we're in pretty good company. Finally, our system was given the Editor's Choice Award from Personal Real Estate Investor magazine in 2014.

Next Step To determine your actual debt-free date, schedule your FREE Confidential Payoff Analysis here where you can determine the specific date that you will be debt free from your student loans as well as other debt. An analysis is typically a 2-step, 2-appointment process to gather data and present the summary report.

As I always say, the proof is in the pudding... Take a look at this sample summary report which clearly indicates a doctor who is heavily in debt with mortgages, personal and business loans, and student loan debt. How would you feel if all of your debt could be eliminated in about 11 years instead of 30 years, saving you over $869,000?

What will it take you to finally address your debt situation? Go here to schedule your FREE Confidential Payoff Analysis here where you can determine the specific date that you will be debt free from your student loans as well as other debt.

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